So.. How’s your semester going so far?


I can honestly say that my semester is going well. I have great friends, a supporting family,  a secured internship, and 3 jobs. I can also say that I am surrounded by a functioning (sometimes) support system that many people seek to have, BUT that does not mean I can’t complain about how stressed out I am or feel bad for myself (as lame as that sounds, we all do it). That is a normal response to chaos and sometimes you just have to throw a pity party for yourself. I mean, who doesn’t like parties? I personally think it is okay to wallow for a little bit as long as you recognize all the good that you have, but then snap out of it and carry on with the beautiful life you were given. You will NOT get anything done or accomplish any of your goals while being in a slump.

Rambling is my specialty, but my first post will end here. Throughout the eventful school year, I will be posting self-care methods and plans, my internship life, and my journey through this beautiful social work field.

Enjoy this beautiful day!



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