Routines & Organization

I believe that in order to head down a successful path to your future, you MUST incorporate organization and routines in your lifestyle with an expectation of NOT reaching perfection with them. Why would having that expectation be important in this aspect of life? Well, if you try to be “perfect” with all these and it doesn’t go as planned, it can funk up your whole system and lead to disappointment and frustration. We are human and we make mistakes! That is normal. And I rather make mistakes and learn, than to never make mistakes and live in my own ignorance. Keep that in your thoughts for the day or even the weekend that is finally here. Instead of beating yourself up for what you did “wrong”, think about how you would change that action and how that action impacted your life in a positive way.

“Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.”-  Kim Collins


Organization is important. And I am the worst at it when it comes to keeping my room in order! It lasts for about 3 days and then I end up in the same hurricane of a mess. But eventually I pick my lazy self back up and get cleaning. When being in a clean space, I find myself able to focus and be more productive. Which probably means I should practice that skill more often. Aside from my lack of maintaining organization in my room, my planner is what saves me from completely failing at it. My planner is where I put all the energy it takes to be organized. It has everything in it from what I will do when I wake up, to what is due for class, to what I should probably do throughout the day. Writing everything down gives me the motivation and ability to complete all my tasks for the day. And sometimes I don’t! I just write it down in the next day and circle it to ensure that I must get it done!

Being organized in my planner also helps me build a routine. I do not like having a structured routine for the entire day because life happens and sometimes I don’t like following everything I say I am going to do. Sometimes I just want to watch Netflix all day. However, the way you start your morning is important! That is the start of the new day and a new approach on life that you can take. My routine in the morning ONLY consists of two things. Fixing my bed and my yoga practice. I use to hate fixing my bed in the morning (I still actually do) and sometimes I still don’t do it. But if you think about it, that is the first thing when you wake up that can be successfully accomplished.

“If you make your bed every morning, you will accomplish your first task of the day.”

This quote was stated by Admiral McRaven. I recommend watching his speech!

After completing my first task of the day, I follow it with my yoga practice. An easy 30 minutes to center myself, focus on my breath, as well as focus on what is happening at that moment. I know many people don’t believe yoga is for them, however I think everyone should try! It’s worked for me and reduced my stress levels immensely. When you center yourself and listen to your breath, you truly acknowledge your being and empower yourself for all that is ahead of you.


Those were my thoughts for the week! I hope that they can help you all with figuring out what works best for you to stay organize and create a routine if you have yet to make one! Remember to acknowledge yourself and to always look at what you are doing to maintain a happy, successful life!

Have a great Friday!



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