Making Decisions


For the small handful of people who read my rants, hello again and happy Friday! It has been quite some time since I’ve sat down and did something I personally enjoy doing. School is very challenging right now, especially it being my last semester until GRADUATION! Crazy to think I have made it this far and I couldn’t have done it without support from my wonderful family and friends.

Since I graduate in May (and for those I will be graduating with) naturally, the next step would be to continue my journey in Grad school. I have made the decision to not go right away, and to not even get a job with my social work degree. For some, this is hard to understand, but for me it makes complete sense and I am very confident in this decision. I am also thankful my family understands and are supporting me through this.

Social Work is my passion. I never once doubted my ability to be a successful social worker, nor have I ever had a brain fart in college where I had to change my major because I didn’t like my career decision. With that being said, I have been a full-time student since Freshman year, filling up my class schedule, and even dedicating my summers to school. I will be 21 when I graduate, and that is already a plus! I have discovered myself through this program, and I am completely grateful for it, but I also discovered that there is so much I want to do with myself before completing grad school. I want to be able go on trips, drive to my favorite place in the world in Wisconsin, continue my yoga practice, and so much more. I also discovered that right now, I need to focus on my health.

I never thought I would burn out, but let me tell you, BURN OUT IS SO REAL! I want to be able to go to school excited and ready to learn, not being scared for another health issue I will encounter. Throughout the past year, I have had countless sinus infections, stress hives, horrible acne, and my favorite… SHINGLES! After coming down with shingles a few weeks ago, I knew that this decision of taking time off was a logical one. I need to remember to take care of my own well-being because that is just as important. It is hard sometimes to remember I have to take care of myself if I want to take care of others.

I know I will hear more of “Be careful, it will be hard to go back to school” or “You won’t want to go back”.. Trust me, I WILL go back. It is something that I really want in life and when I am ready, I will go into it whole heartedly and ready to take on my year of graduate school. But until then, I am focussing on graduating in May along with taking care of myself.

So make decisions YOU will be proud of and that YOU are 100% certain about. There is nothing better than doing something  POSITIVE that will benefit you based off of your own decision, whatever that decision may be.

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