It was freshman year of college when yoga became a huge contributor to my mental health and physical well-being. Stress and intense lower back pain/spasms have always  been a significant part of my life, and yoga has helped me through all of these obstacles through the development of a stronger foundation and mind.  This healing outlet has shaped me in many different ways, as well as helping me discover what I want to take out of this current life that I am manifesting in.  Five years through this life changing journey, I decided to take the next step in my yoga practice and attend a 200 RYT at my place of practice, Tribalance Yoga Studio. I am working towards helping populations that are overlooked and are in need of self-love, attention, and empowering these individuals to live their best lives. The best part about yoga is learning something new each and every day. Even if I do not step on my mat, yoga is practiced through my morals, spirit, and constant life lessons that educate and empower me every day.